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California (US)



TNC provided planning and GIS expertise to the California Marine Life Protection Act Initiative over a 7-year MPA network planning process that was conducted regionally throughout state waters. TNC provided 2 staff members who were the MLPA Planning Lead and GIS/Technology Advisors the this effort. TNC provided spatial data, helped to develop a decision-support tool called MarineMap, and led the planning team who provided technical support and guidance for this science-based and stakeholder-driven process.

Offshore Renewable Energy Planning

TNC staff are participating on the BOEM’s Ocean Data Committee and Advisory Committee for offshore energy planning.  TNC staff are reviewing spatial data layers and participating in planning calls in an advisory capacity.

Spatial Planning to Support Fisheries Reform

TNC works closely with fishing industry partners and Community Fishing Associations that are part of the Central Coast Groundfish Collective to provide data and tools to support voluntary fishing agreements and spatial fishing plans. We have developed a mobile application – eCatch –  that allows fishermen to collect and visualize catch data to inform bycatch reduction plans that have resulted in lower bycatch in this fleet relative to the fishery at large. These spatial data have also been used to inform a Seafood Watch Assessment for the fishery that resulted in “best choice” green ratings for economically and ecologically important fish species.

Photo credit: Erika Nortemann/© 2010 The Nature Conservancy