The Nature Conservancy is actively involved in more than a dozen MSP projects around the world.  All told, over the past 10 years, TNC has led, supported or participated in 34 different projects that cover more than 7,000,000 square kilometers.  TNC’s scientific and technical contributions range from creating spatial data catalogues in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), running MARXAN or MARXAN with Zones, to developing complex multi-objective zoning designs at large and small scales.  In some geographies, TNC will lay the groundwork for a successful process by identifying and raising funds or financing options, establishing a planning team, developing a work plan, or organizing stakeholder participation. In other locations, TNC plays a supporting role, lending expertise in planning, facilitation, policy, or communications to advance an MSP process.

This project page contains links to MSP projects where TNC has been or is currently involved and range from comprehensive marine spatial plans to marine protected area (MPA) networks, and locally marine management area (LMMA) projects. There is also selected information on data development projects that are intended to support MSP processes.

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