Software applications can support marine spatial planning by assisting practitioners in identifying and mapping zoning options, calculating ecosystem service values, or supporting project management.
  • InVEST
    Open-source software models used to map and value ecosystems services
  • Marxan
    Decision support software for designing new reserve systems, performance monitoring, and zoning design
  • Marxan with Zones
    Extends Marxan capabilities by providing zoning options in geographical regions for biodiversity conservation
  • Miradi
    Project management tool for conservation practitioners
  • SeaSketch
    Online, customizable participatory mapping platform

Planning Portals

Many marine spatial planning processes include the development of online web-portals, designed to complement by the process by increasing transparency, encouraging stakeholder engagement, and provide a central location for data that can be accessed by planners and managers.
  • Blueways Conservation
    Decision support tool for marine migratory corridors
  • Marine Cadastre
    Web-based map viewer for legal, physical, ecological, and cultural data in the US
  • MaPP (Canada)
    A tool that allows users to access information and maps on the MaPP sub-regional marine spatial plan zones
  • Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal
    Contains a compilation of data to inform regional marine planning from New York to Virginia
  • Northeast Ocean Data
    A decision support and information system supporting regional ocean planning in the Northeast US
  • Washington Marine Planner
    An online decision support tool designed in response to the State of Washington’s marine spatial planning process