Sport Fishing and MPA

Under the Blue Bonds for Ocean Conservation Program, TNC is seeking to better understand the sport fishing sector in relation to marine protected areas and respond to inquiries concerning scientific evidence and best practices from experts in the field. We are hiring a consultant to develop a report on the current state of scientific knowledge on the known and possible ecological impacts of catch-and-release fishing on tropical marine biodiversity and ecosystems, the range of policies and regulations for catch-and-release sportfishing in marine protected areas and documented global best practices for minimizing any detrimental impacts of catch-and-release sportfishing in areas where it is permitted.

The results from this project will be used to inform discussions of allowable activities in relation to marine protected areas and in MSP processes, especially for fully protected MPAs. The regulation, policy, and best practice information will support discussions regarding how this economically important sector can co-exist with the objectives of marine protected areas. The link to the Terms of Reference and application instructions can be found here. Applications must be received by December 12th, 2022. Please direct any questions to Kate Longley-Wood (

(Photo Credit: Lisette Pool)