Interactive Decision Support

Interactive decision support tools are increasingly being integrated into marine spatial planning processes.  These are typically web-based tools that increase process transparency, encourage stakeholder engagement, and provide a user-friendly platform to help decision makers address management questions. Functions of these tools can include:

  • Providing a platform for users to view and download data associated with the planning process
  • Capturing, comparing, and sharing stakeholder feedback during the planning process
  • Analyzing, comparing, and revealing trade-offs among possible management scenarios


 Coastal Resiliencelanding_17_tiny

Coastal Resilience is an online mapping toolkit that facilitates municipal- and state-level efforts to adapt to coastal flooding and inundation associated with climate change.


InVEST is a suite of free, open-source software models used to map and value the goods and services from nature that sustain and fulfill human life.

Mapping Ocean Wealth

Mapping Ocean Wealth is an online mapping tool to visualize the ecosystem services derived from the ocean in order to support smart investments and decision-making.

Marine Cadastrelanding_20_tiny

The Marine Cadastre is a web-based map viewer that shows legal, physical, ecological, and cultural data in a common geographic information system (GIS) framework.


Marxan is decision support software for designing new reserve systems, reporting on performance of existing reserve systems, and developing multiple-use zoning plans.

Marxan with Zones

Marxan with Zones extends the capabilities of Marxan by providing zoning options in geographical regions for biodiversity conservation.


Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal

The Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal contains a compilation of data to inform regional marine planning from New York to Virginia.


Northeast Ocean Data

The Northeast Ocean Data Portal is a decision support and information system supporting regional ocean planning in the Northeastern US.



SeaSketch is an online participatory mapping platform designed to allow planners and stakeholders to interact with data related to MSP processes.

Washington Marine Planner

Washington Marine Planner is an online decision support tool designed in response to the State of Washington’s coastal and marine spatial planning process.

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Photo credits: Mike Timberlake; Mark Godfrey/TNC; Erika Nortemann/TNC