Joanna Smith, Ph.D., RPBio
Director, Ocean Planning and Mapping, Global Oceans
Global MSP Lead

Joanna Smith is the Director, Ocean Planning and Mapping with Nature United (an affiliate of The Nature Conservancy), providing leadership for ocean planning and mapping for The Nature Conservancy’s Global Oceans program. Joanna develops science-based marine spatial plans, and contributes best practices and lessons learned to practitioners. Currently, she is the process and science lead for Seychelles Marine Spatial Plan Initiative, and supports marine spatial planning and/or implementation in Canada, Palau, Caribbean, Indonesia, and Mexico. Previously, Joanna was a consultant with Birdsmith Ecological Research, a company she founded for ecological research, conservation, and education. She has also worked with TNC in the USA for the Washington chapter in Seattle, leading the marine and aquatic sciences team.  Joanna’s work focuses on integrating science, policy, economics, and stakeholder values so that marine plans can be successfully implemented and ocean management is improved. Joanna received a Ph.D. from the University of Washington, Seattle USA and is Adjunct Faculty at Simon Fraser University in Canada. She is on the Editorial Board for Marine Ecosystems and Management (MEAM), co-founder of the MSP community listserv on Open Channels. and a science advisor to SeaDoc Society and Laskeek Bay Conservation Society. Her publications include seabird ecology, fisheries bycatch and island biogeography.

Kate Longley-Wood, M.S.
Ocean Mapping Coordinator, Global Oceans

Kate Longley-Wood is the Ocean Mapping Coordinator for The Nature Conservancy’s Global Oceans program.  She provides technical and logistical support for MSP efforts in a variety of locations including the Seychelles and Baja, Mexico.  She also provides  communication materials on MSP, maintains and builds websites, and assists with a range of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) projects for Global Oceans and TNC’s regional programs.  As the project and data manager for TNC’s Mapping Ocean Wealth project, she oversees development of web-based ecosystem service mapping tools. For the Seychelles MSP, Kate provides project support for stakeholder input & feedback, meeting documentation, communications materials, and assistance to project management. Previously, she worked as a project manager at SeaPlan, an ocean planning non-profit, supporting ocean planning efforts in the U.S. through spatial data development and stakeholder engagement projects.  Her interest in ocean mapping and planning stems from professional and academic experience in marine mammalogy, ecology, and GIS.  Kate has worked as a right whale aerial observer and researcher in Georgia and Massachusetts, and completed a thesis on the distribution of right whales in Massachusetts Bay.  She received an M.Sc. in Biology from the University of Massachusetts Boston and a B.A. in Biology from Wesleyan University. Kate’s publications include reviews of decision-support tools and developing marine plans in the United States. 


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