Marine Planning
Practical Approaches to Ocean and Coastal Decision-Making


About the Global Marine Initiative

Although once considered a limitless and inexhaustible resource, the oceans of the world are increasingly in jeopardy. The cycle of influence between land and sea is delicate, and human activities are taking a heavy toll on the health of all ocean systems, from marshes and mangroves to reefs and the deepest reaches. In response, The Nature Conservancy has launched the Global Marine Initiative to link land and sea conservation in an effort to protect the rich array of plant and animal life and safeguard the tremendous benefits the oceans provide.

About Our Partners

Partnerships are extremely important to The Nature Conservancy. As ecosystem-based management and marine spatial planning require coordination across government agencies, academic institutions, private industries and nonprofit organizations, it is our intention to build lasting partnerships to ensure that together we make the right decisions for our conservation resources. For more information about the work of our marine planning partners, please refer to their websites listed below.


TNC The Nature Conservancy — Global Marine Initiative
ebmtools EBM Tools Network
ecotrust Ecotrust — Marine Planning
NOAA NOAA — National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Sea Around Us Project Sea Around Us Project
U Queensland The University of Queensland — Marxan



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