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Practical Approaches to Ocean and Coastal Decision-Making


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The Nature Conservancy and two important partners—Ecotrust and the University of California at Santa Barbara—produced a narrative storyboard that illustrates how decision support tools can facilitate multi-objective planning. This is intended to provide a conceptual example of how information from multiple sectors can enable the identification of tradeoffs.

Illustrating Multi-Objective Planning

The storyboard portrays a fictional coastal and marine spatial planning (CMSP) process in which a managing agency is tasked with siting both offshore wind development and conservation areas. In pursuing these objectives, representatives from the managing agency rely on a number of technological decision support tools. The storyboard describes a generic, simplified CMSP process and is intended as an example that is relevant to many real-world situations. In reality, CMSP involves many more participants, and the process is more complex.

The title of the storyboard is Information Flow in Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning: An Exploratory Storyboard to Inform Technological Choices to Meet Planning Needs. The links below will open in separate windows.

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